About ATLI


ATLI was established on May 2002, by acting enterprisingly increased its annual turnover to 90.000.000 $ in a very short period of time and reached a large volume of business.

In 2008 ATLI started mine prospecting specifically in the field of the metallic mineral deposits in order to satisfy the needs of the market in raw materials since this industry is rapidly evolving and growing all around the world. ATLI identified target areas, acquired licenses, and continuously used modern technology with well known specialist in remote sensing, geological, geophysical and geochemical applications for its own development needs.

Due to the lack of domestic investors for Turkish Petroleum industry and increasing demand for Hydrocarbon Resources in Turkey, ATLI stepped in the Natural Energy Resources Production Sector in 2009 and obtained its first license in November 2010.

Especially it is focused its works to wildcat areas, and by performing geological, geophysical, geochemical and drilling works on these areas contributed greatly to Turkey’s Geology.


Reducing foreign dependency of Turkey regarding to Energy by using its experience and capital as a productive and innovative company.


ATLI, is a share holder of the companies that constituent of ERG Group Companies, ERG Construction, Pi Makina and ERG-Verbund.

There is a continuous and strong cooperation between the group companies and they are all supporting each other by their equipment pool and expert staff.