Ongoing Projects

Silivri (AR/ATL/K/F20-C2,C3,C4)

The Exploration License that ATLI acquired at the last quarter of 2015, lies at the east part of Thrace Tertiary Basin at the sheets of F20C2-C3-C4 with a coverage of 327,65 square kilometer (32765 hectare)

After ATLI acquired the concession block at the last quarter of 2015, primarily started to work on correlation of previous geological studies with its own geological studies and existing well data. After the correlation, ATLI created a geological cross sections.

By the re-processing and interpretation of the 2D seismic data that has been acquired starting from year 1974, structure and amplitude maps were created. After that, prospekts were defined by the correlation of these results with the geological and non-seismic geophysical studies.

ATLI spudded ATLI Kavaklı 1 at 21.09.2016, and from that date by continuing to drill back to back respectively ATLI Kavaklı 2, ATLI Kavaklı 3, ATLI Ortaköy 1, ATLI Ortaköy 2, ATLI Ortaköy 3 and ATLI Ortaköy 4 completed 7 wells in total which were targeted to Danişmen and Osmancık formations. Apart from ATLI Ortaköy 3 that we had significant technical issues, all wells resulted as gas.

As a consequence of these results, production tests were accomplished, gas sales license for 30 years from EPDK was acquired and gas sales negotiations were started.

On the other hand, raw data of Silivri 3D Project, which is approximately 270 km2, was acquired and Process & Interpretation process were completed.

Starting from the last quarter of 2017, the Osmancık Formation targeted ATLI Kavaklı 4 and ATLI Kavaklı 5 wells were drilled and completed as gas wells.
In February 2018, Hamitabat Formation targeted ATLI Alibey 1 well was spudded and completed at 2685 meters. Significant gas readings were observed during the drilling and 2485 PSI well head pressure was recorded during the work over processes. However, due to low porosity and permeability issues it was decided that it is not productive and the well was abandoned.
As of September 2019, Danişmen and Osmancık Formation targeted ATLI Kavaklı 6 and ATLI Kavaklı 7, Hamitabat Formation targeted ATLI Alibey 2 wells have been drilled respectively. Significant gas readings were recorded at all wells. Work over operations are still in progress at the ATLI Alibey 2 well which has a TD of 2240 meters. After completion of the work over processes at ATLI Alibey 2 well, work over operations of ATLI Kavaklı 6 and ATLI Kavaklı 7 wells will be performed.


After the signing of “Natural Gas Purchase and Sale Contract” with “Zorlu Natural Gas Supply Trade Inc.” on 29.05.2019, and “Service and Rental Agreement”  contract with “Naturelgaz Industry and Trade Inc.” on 08.05.2019, pilot production started as of 24 February 2020. ATLI, has taken place of the 3rd Company position within the natural gas producing companies in Turkey in EMRA’s “Naturel Gas Market Sector Report” of March 2020.


Concession Area Generalized Stratigraphic Column

The thickness of Thrace Tertiary Basin which reaches 9000 m at the deepest parts of the basin, is close to 3000 m in concession area. Danişmen, Osmancık, Mezardere, Ceylan, Soğucak and Hamitabat formations which are rich as both source and reservoir levels in the production areas in Thrace Basin, presents also in the concession area.

Previous Studies

After the studies initiated by TPAO in 60’s, TPAO has drilled Silivri-1 (gas show) in 1964 with a depth of 2489 m and Kadıköy-1 (dry) in 1965 with a depth of 1437 m. After these wells, TPAO shooted approximatley 300 km 2D seismic between the years 1974 – 1996 and made a gas discovery with a Silivri-2 well drilled in 1995 with a depth of 1225 m and started the production in the area. In year 2006 TPAO shooted approximatley 300 square kilometers of 3D seismic and made another gas discoveries with a Tulumba-1 well in 2009 with a depth of 700 m, and Silivri-6 well in 2013 with a depth of 700 m.

In year 2004 Merty Energy acquired a exploration block in the area and shooted approximately 300 km 2D seismic. Regarding to GnG works Merty drilled its first well Damlıca-1 (dry) in year 2010 with a depth of 1715. In year 2013 Merty drilled Çayırlık-1 well (800 m) and made a gas discovery with this well.